1. Prevent Flu and Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

    The Lake County Health Department and Community Health Center urges residents to take action now to prevent the spread of influenza, also known as the flu. Read on...
  2. Avoid Bats to Protect Yourself from Rabies

    So far in 2019, the Health Department has submitted 39 bats to the Illinois Department of Public Health for testing, of which three tested positive for rabies (two in Antioch, one in Highland Park). Read on...
  3. Ethylene Oxide in Lake County, Illinois

    Find information on ethylene oxide emissions in Lake County. Read on...
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Avoid Bats, Prevent Rabies

Bats are highly beneficial animals to the ecosystem, but they should be appreciated from a distance. Bats are known carriers of rabies which can be a fatal disease. The Lake County Health Department encourages everyone to avoid contact with bats. If you encounter a bat in or around your home, report it to Animal Care and Control at (847) 377-4700. If you think you may have had exposure to a bat, contact the Health Department’s Communicable Disease Program at (847) 377-8130. Seek immediate medical attention if you have been bitten by a bat.