Educational Services Division (ESD)

Who We Are
Lake County Educational Services (ESD) is a division of the Lake County Regional Office of Education. We provide staff development, workshops, training, graduate courses, consulting services, facilitation and planning services and technical assistance to schools and other educational agencies.

Illinois Teachers and Administrators are required to complete continuing professional development courses as part of their license renewal process. The Lake County Educational Services Division offers these courses to teachers and administrators at a reasonable cost. Lake County Professional Development Cooperative (PDF) districts receive a discount on our workshops as well as in-district consultant assistance and media checkout privileges.

Our Mission
To be a valued partner to Lake County districts and schools as they pursue excellence in the ever-changing world of education. The ESD offers high quality consultant and facilitative staff development services that explore the boundaries of educational theory, maintain a global view of education, reflect the best qualities of a multi-skilled, multi-disciplined team approach to school improvement, and center upon the jointly identified needs of the education community. The ESD will encourage partners to build a community-wide education system that is characterized by members who are well informed, involved, reflective and always focused upon student achievement.