Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are available to Lake County administrators and teachers whose school districts are a cooperative member of the LCESD.

Media Center Borrowing Privileges Form
Complete the Media Center Borrowing Privileges Form (PDF) and send a copy to Jennifer Ochsner via email or fax to 847-223-3415.

Circulation Rules
Teachers and administrators must comply with the following circulation rules:
  • Call the Media Center immediately to report damaged items
  • Take responsibility for the full cost of lost or damaged items
  • Items marked "For Preview Use Only" may not be used in the classroom with students
  • Respect copyright laws
  • Return items in 2 weeks - teachers and their school will be billed for overdue items - Fees must be paid before any other items are checked out.
Borrow Length & Return
You may checkout materials for 2 weeks, and renew materials for an additional 2 weeks if no one else is waiting for them. You may renew by phone, email or in person.

You are responsible for the items’ safe and timely return.

Late fees or replacement charges will be assessed.