Comparable Search Tool (2018 only)

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Using the Comparable Search Tool (PDF)

The taxpayer names and addresses, as well as the assessed values that appear with the parcel information, represent current information from the county's property tax systems.

Changes to taxpayer names and addresses, as well as value changes after the initial assessment publication, are reflected on this site.

Any value changes done by the Board of Review can be found on this site once the values have been published.

Note that the characteristic information shown is extracted from the township assessor's property records. Any errors/omissions/discrepancies should be discussed with the appropriate township office.

When utilizing the comparable search tools on this site, please remember to view the parcels you intend to use in a potential appeal of your assessment to ensure that the properties the application provides are truly comparable to yours.

The PIN number for a property can be found on its tax bill. If you do not know the PIN number for the property you are interested in, you can do an inquiry by property address. A list of properties that closely match the specified address will be returned. Choose the desired address from the list returned.

Additional parcel information can be found by visiting the Interactive Mapping Application
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