IL Route 59 / Grand Ave

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Description: Phase I study to look at ways to reduce congestion and increase safety at this intersection. The IL 59/Grand intersection has several existing deficiencies, which include congestion and lack of left-turn lanes on IL 59 which lead to difficulty in maneuvering the intersection. Also, the roads are both on a skew, making it difficult to manage the intersection.

Traffic at this intersection is a combination of local, regional and recreational traffic. Adjacent businesses, schools and public facilities, such as the Police, Fire and Public Works Department all utilize this intersection on a daily basis.
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Coordination with the Illinois Department of Transportation has resulted in the expansion of the project limits. The south limit on IL 59 has been pushed to Devlin Road. This will allow the roadway be consistently three lanes (one lane in each direction with a center turn lane) as IL 59 proceeds from Devlin Road at the south up through Grand Avenue. We’ve been busy collecting data and revising the proposed design to accommodate the expanded project footprint.

Coming up: in the months ahead, look for the final public meeting for the project.

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