Election Precinct Maps

These maps show individual election precincts for Lake County. Registered voters are assigned to individual precincts. Those voting on Election Day cast their votes at the designated polling place for the precinct. These boundaries are proposed by the County Clerk and approved by the County Board following provisions of Illinois State Statutes. Precinct boundaries are changed to balance the number of voters among precincts and minimize the number of ballot styles representing unique combinations of elective districts in a precinct and for other purposes established by law.

Individual Township Precinct Maps

These maps are intended to be printed at approximately 34" x 56" and if printed at 8-1/2 x 11 will not be very legible.

Precinct Map Books are a collection of all the individual precinct maps for a given political district.

Judicial Subcircuit Map Books

County Board District Map Books

State Representative District Map Books

State Senatorial District Map Books

US Congressional District Map Books