Board Activity

This page highlights the Board's continuous involvement in matters of workforce development in Lake County.  

"No one gets anywhere on their own. You must ask yourself, 'Am I using my network effectively?'," challenged Lake County Workforce Development Board member, Carlotta Roman (left), as she delivered a high-energy, interactive workshop at The Job Center of Lake County in late July.

Veronica Overstreet (right) has a background in business and education but seeks to find employment in the corporate sector. 
"Today I learned how to use the networks I already have in order to re-brand myself for a career change," explained Veronica. Over a dozen attendees from varying employment stages all gathered to develop their personal brand for career advancement.

Carlotta is an Organizational Development Consultant for VW Credit, Inc. Her passion for and knowledge of workforce development are assets to the Board's Employer Connections Committee as it aims to "develop and prepare a well-trained workforce" in Lake County according to the Strategic Plan.