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Early Voting Election Judge Availability - Apr 2019
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  1. Availability*

  2. Do you speak a second language*

  3. I am available Friday 3/15/19 to help with setup (approximately 3 hrs)*

  4. Early Voting Availability

  5. Work Location*

    Every effort will be made to keep you as close to your home early voting site as possible. Please indicate below your willingness to travel if necessary.

  6. I have worked as an Early Voting judge for at least 1 election*

  7. Training classes for Early Voting judges

    All NEW Early Voting Judges are required to successfully complete an EVJ training class. Experienced judges are encouraged to attend a class to review and refresh their knowledge of Early Voting procedures. Further, all EVJs must have successfully completed a Voter Services Judge class.

    All classes held at:
    Lake County Building
    10th floor Assembly Room
    18 N County St
    Waukegan, IL 60085

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